Danny Vaughn - The Road Less Travelled

Self Released
Unplugged Live

Traveller (Live)
Making Waves (Live)
Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside (Live)
Restless Blood (Live)
Damn (Live)
Jenny Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Live)
Visions (Live)
Nothing At All (Live)
Lifted (Live)
A Million Miles Of Road (Live)
When You Walk Away (Live)
Lay Your Body Down (Live)

"Now here’s a live album I really do like! After a couple of years of doing acoustic shows at Christmas time in the UK, I was getting the hang of it. Always trying to change things up, I decided to get a band to play an unplugged set with me this time around. The Cluny in Newcastle has always been a great gig experience for me. It’s got the perfect vibe for the singer/songwriter set up and it’s always full of very enthusiastic friends. So, thanks to some real encouragement, both personal and financial, from long time friends Steve and Sara Cummings, we rented some recording equipment for a special evening.
I love the result. It’s basic, it’s honest and it’s got some of my best live singing on it. Most of all, the Newcastle crowd were singing, shouting and involved, just the way I like ‘em."