Danny Vaughn - Reprise

Self Released
2 Disc Solo Collection

Disc 1:
Bad Water
Is That All There Is
Healing Hands
A Handful Of Rain
Stone Monkey
Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside
Paradise Ain't Home
Gandy Dancer
The Voice
I Want To Get To Know You
House Of Cards
Soldiers & Sailors 2002 Interview

Disc 2:
Fly Away
A Million Miles Of Road
Was There A Moment
When You Walk Away
Dulcimer Street
Just Like That
Carry Me Home
2010 Danny Vaughn Interview
Soldiers and Sailors on Riverside (Live 2010 -  featuring Bobby Lynch)

"After many a year of waiting, I got back the ownership rights to my first two solo albums, “Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside” and “Fearless”. They had been out of print for a while so we made “Reprise”, a two disc set compiling both albums along with some tasty extras. “House Of Cards” was a bonus song previously only available on the Japanese version of “S.A.S.O.R.” or on the flip side of the single, “Is That All There Is”. We also put in a pretty funny interview of myself conducted by Michael Arbeeny and a really cool piano version of the song “S.A.S.O.R.” played by myself and Bobby Lynch. If you want it all in one simple package, this is the one to have!"