Riley Pool Tables

Riley Billiard Tables for American Pool

At Riley, we regard a handmade slate pool table as a thing of beauty. This belief is as strong today as it was when the first table left our workshops over 100 years ago. To maintain our superlative standards, a careful and considerate selection of materials and painstaking attention to detail are crucial in our quest to hand-craft and install the finest tables in the world.

American Pool is a dynamic game where the players often generate incredible cue power and ball speed. The quality of any American pool table will be key in providing consistent and predictable response to these levels of power. For the first time, Riley introduces the V1 Steel cushion - possibly the best american pool cushion that the world has ever seen. When a cushion responds consistently and predictably, a larger range of shots becomes available to the best players - and American Pool players make far more use of bank shots than the traditional snooker player

Our range covers Snooker tables, American Pool tables, Russian Pyramid tables - in fact we can supply tables for nearly all billiards related cue sports in the World. Most of our tables are hand crafted in England by the finest craftsmen using the vast experience that we have built up through our long history. The finest materials, the finest slate, craftsmen of the highest quality - all combined to provide a superlative selection of the finest billiard tables available today.

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